And They Ran, They Ran So Far Away

Yes, this is yet another blog that includes running.  Deal with it. (ok, I didn’t mean that rudely, only lovingly since you are in deed taking the time to read this instead of working, or preparing dinner – or anything else that reeks of responsibility).

A few months ago I convinced some very gullible people that training and running a marathon would be “super fun and totally neato!”.  They believed me, so this past weekend “Arolyn” and “En” ran the Kansas City Marathon. I however did it a slightly different than other races I’ve run.  This time around I was an official pacer – seriously, I had an official shirt that said “PACER” on the back.  The reason for doing this was two-fold three-fold.

  1. It was a great opportunity to give back to the running community by helping others reach their goals
  2. I had convinced “Arolyn” and “En” how much fun a marathon would be
  3. I got to run the marathon for free

see, it says pacer

Since I ran the St George marathon two weeks prior to Kansas City I chose a time that was feasible given any lingering post race wussitis pain.  The time was 5:20 finish with an average pace of 12:13 per mile.  The set up was pretty fool-proof (or for people who continually don’t understand and mis-use phrases, which annoys the living sin out of me, the plan was “full proof”).  Each finish time had two co-pacers complete with pace wristbands and a tall stick with a large sign with our finish time printed on it – it was like our own personal freak flag to wave.  Before the gun went off my co-pacer “Teve” and I meandered over to the starting line to set up.  We had a decent size group with us.  Per my usual antics I let them know that this was my first marathon ever and I really hoped to get them in on time …

here’s my account of the race – yes, i am trying to camouflage that these really are bullet points

  • Mile 1 – “woo-hoo!!! this is so much fun! we’re gonna rock this marathon!!!” Wait, isn’t the first three miles basically the same route as race for the cure?  that sure was a sucky race click here to jog your memory of that day>
  • Mile 4 – I realized my arm was going to get slightly sore from carrying around big stick.  side note: I love American History, so yes, I definitely overused the quote that I was “speaking softly and carrying a big stick” coined by a favorite Roosevelt.  It was a complete lie though because anyone can attest my inability to speak softly.
  • Mile 5 – Nebraska Cornhusker fans sighting.  Quickly yelled out “GOOO BIIIG REDDD” and on cue they responded “GO BIG RED!” … this was repeated at mile markers 8, 10, 22, and 26.2.
  • Mile 6 – Running through the plaza with full group of marathoners and halfers alike.  I convinced them a family cheering on the sideline was in fact my family (for the record, they weren’t and I won’t consider letting them adopt me, that is unless I see them on an episode of House Hunters international buying a vacation home in Fiji).  As we passed the runners cheerfully waved and greeted “becca’s family”.
  • Mile 7 – Said adieu to the halfers after trying to persuade them to join along with the full.  This was done in a Pied Piper fashion with my notable covers of Hall & Oates and the Carpenters however this did not lead them anywhere but far, far away.
  • Mile 8 – Faced my fear of port-a-potties.  Which is getting stuck in one and having it fall over on the door.  Luckily this didn’t happen – although it still doesn’t make me feel better.
  • Mile 15 –  Came across high school cheerleading squad.  Convinced them to modify cheer to say “Here we go Becca, here we go!!”
  • Mile 19 – Lost my co-pacer to cramps.  Dont’ worry, he’s still alive, just finished a bit behind the group – and at this point by “group” I mean “me”
  • Miles 19 – 26 – Realize no ones left in my pace group except for a 72-year-old man who kept letting me know every half mile what we were pacing, although I had on my fully functioning Garmin 110 (hoping Garmin sees my product placement and wants to sponsor me)

The race all in all went a lot better than the one in <this post here> much, much,  much better.  Everyone that was supposed to finish did – I have yet to lose a man in battle.

EPILOGUE. Where are they now:

“En” – ran ahead of us and never looked back – finishing, showering, and eating lunch before greeting us at the finish line

“Arolyn” – After finishing her first smoldering hot marathon glared at me in despise.  Then promptly broke out into a giggle once she realized that it was finally over.  She’s currently set to run San Antonio Rock ‘n Roll marathon.

“Ile” (father of  “Arolyn” ) – Ran a sub 2 hour 1/2 marathon and is currently being forced convinced  to train for a full with “Arolyn” and myself

“Teve” – eventually finished, cramps and all

“Ebraska Fans” – sadly  the entire state took a beating by Texas later that day leaving us with only fond memories of 26.2 miles of cheers

"yself", "Arolyn", and "Ile" at the finish

Sportin' our hardware at church


3 thoughts on “And They Ran, They Ran So Far Away

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  2. Congratulations on another successful Marathon!!! I was one of the halfers that didn’t stick with you (actually wasn’t fast enough to find you). 🙂

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