It’s a Dirty Job but Someone’s Gotta Do It

I’m sure all of you ladies out there are going to read this entry and only see “blah blah blah blah MIKE ROWE blah blah blah”, however please stay with me for a minute or two because there is actually a story here.

I had the opportunity to meet Mike Rowe recently.  I think we all know who he is, but for those that don’t, he is the host of Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel.  The show that shows all of the grossiness involved in jobs that no one wants to ever think exists.  It makes me feel slightly less oppressed for sitting under flourescent lights all day long tethered to my computer via VOIP headset.  I’d much rather get frustrated at my intranet server restricting my access to Victoria’s Secret on the first day of the semi-annual sale than having to manually inseminate a cow.  In addition to being the TV host – he’s ridiculously good-looking – in that i do dirty manly stuff and i can sing opera and i could totally kick that old spice guy’s arse kind of way.

There was a small dinner in which Mike Rowe graced us with his presence and sat ever so kindly next to me was forced to sit next to me.  I”m  sure he had a feeling that was a bad omen.  After professing my adoration keeping it chill  I somehow blurted out that the Motorola ads that he is highlighted in were everywhere in the Kansas City airport, and that I (the classy person that I am) posed for a picture with the poster.  What I didn’t tell him was that the poster was hung above a row of chairs and that I had to climb on top of the chairs to physically pose with him.  I felt bad for the poor man sitting on the chairs I was gracefully scaling.  He was on his phone giving me the “where’s this girls leash and helmet” look.  I proudly pointed at the poster and mouthed yelled “I GET TO MEET HIM TODAY!!!”.  After the telling of this story, Mike was slightly impressed that he’s so prominently displayed at the KC airport “grabbing life by the calls” (gotta love cell phone slogans!).

Feeling reminiscent of Kansas City Mike informed me he did a job there.

Mike: Yeah, i did a job in kansas city once.

me: *drooling* oh  yeah, what was it?

Mike: I painted the lines on the runway

me: oooh, where???

Mike: *confounded look of figuring out how many places besides the airport could there be a runway*

me: um, oh, the airport, i, um, wasn’t sure if you, um, meant the track or the um, highway … sometimes we land planes there and stuff … *hey stupid self – when did you replace smart self?*

Dinner continued on with such thrilling conversation.  We all talked about a lot things ranging from what his worst jobs were, how he got started in “the biz” (funny thing – he started out in Opera for 8 years – don’t worry, I did NOT try to impress him with my vocal talents which have been painstakingly described in previous entries), and where the show was going.  He unfortunately spoke of an engagement with the Boy Scouts, to which of course the path of my Cub Scout involvement was traveled down – and my very failed attempt at teaching them to not only check the oil but open the car hood in general.  I’d like to think that over the few hours of dinner he and I became besties- I’m pretty sure that’s what he told his agent, actually I’m confident of it.  The clincher when I realized he pretty much got me in a nutshell was when he finally turned and looked at me and said:

BFF Mike: Man, you can really just talk about anything huh?

Me: um, yes *slightly sheepish yet proud grin*


Me and My Bestie



Once again, me and my bestie mike



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