#vacation all i ever wanted#

I’m trying to think of the best way to describe my most recent excursion while at the same time sitting here at home sick waiting to possibly die.  That might be a tad bit over dramatic but hey – that’s how I get when I’m sick (or according to some of my friends, that’s how I get – always). 


Because I’m a bit under the weather I’ll just bore you with the high level overview of a much-anticipated vacation gone slighty very awry.  Note, there are  positives as well – it’s just more of a Where’s Waldo to find them …

  • Work has been busy.  Busy enough that vacation turned into a worktation
  • Was able to see lots and lots of family members (much to their chagrin)
  • I am now VERY well versed in SLC’s airport rental car pick up and drop off – including same day, multiple trip execution
  • At times complete strangers have no awareness of my personal space bubble  (thank you sir at car rental counter for giving me your complete and detailed relationship history)
  • I went to My Dough Girl for cookies!!!! (for any UT readers – you must must must go there.  For all others – they ship frozen dough)
  • The only radio stations available during the 4 1/2 hour drive from SLC to St George included very bad country and easy listening.  Luckily I knew a lot of the words to the latter and I made up a bunch of words to the former
  • Fantastic pizza, ice cream and time spent with Aunt “Athy” and Uncle “On” in Heber Valley
  • Falling ill the first evening … and still realing from it …
  • Apparently speeding 5 MPH over the limit gets you pulled over and a $145 ticket in Cedar City
  • No, man seated next to and partially on top of me on the airplane, these seats are not “obviously designed for midgets” …
  • Whereas g’ma “etchen” still won’t get on facebook, all of my updates did include her (don’t you worry, she will shortly have a fan page)
  • My cousins cheat at cards (that is the only explanation I could find for not winning)
  • I got to watch a lot of food network with g’ma – and it was awesome.  We have the same opinions on Sandra Lee (she likes her cocktails quite a bit – not g’ma, sandra) and Giada (floozy that can’t cook)
  • The St George marathon was really hot. and i didn’t sleep. and i was sick. it was not the most fun moment (moment = 5 hours) in my life … ever – but i have a finisher’s medal and yes, i’m wearing it still as I type

best g'ma ever medal


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