“Smitten” or “It’s not considered stalking unless the judge says so”

Don’t be fooled by the clever title, this is not a dating blog AT ALL <as mentioned here>.  Actually i’m sure that just provided a few sighs of relief  (but disappointment from my friends) …

I’m obsessed.  Obsessed, obsessed, obsessed with the blog Smitten Kitchen.  Everything about it is absolutely fantastical.  The blogger lives in the city i want to live, spends her days making the food i want to make eat, and takes wonderful photos to boot.  I get stupid-giddy every time i see that she’s posted a new recipe, knowing that i’ll soon have the opportunity to recreate butcher it. I’d like to think that i’m the “julie to her julia” just without me creepily dedicating my blog (and life) to her, without cooking all of her recipes, and no actual timeline.  Um, so i guess i’m nothing like that … anyways …

LUCKILY i also have friends who like to cook.   THANKFULLY they are much better at it than i.  When we have the time to get together we like to eat.  A light bulb went off and we decided to re-purpose our gatherings and making it official (we’re still working on a charter, it’ll have footnotes and everything … when we get around to it. we’re the creative types, you can’t rush creative perfection).  It’s a Smitten Kitchen Club.

we are awesome

First rule of SKC is there is no … ok, that was lame and a really overused reference.  The plan for SKC is that we meet periodically (we go by a very loose definition of periodically) and then we bring the products of our culinary ability + recipes from the Smitten Kitchen site.  I’m sure we’re not the first group of fine lookin’ ladies to do this, however we like to think we are the coolest – mainly because we had an official poster for the evening.  I’m considering matching track suits to build street cred.  The first SKC evening was at my abode and because we couldn’t decide between the tantalizing recipes out of  fear that we might all die of starvation we ended up with  A LOT of food.  Our spread could’ve beat out any of the local church potlucks.  Between me,  “Ate”, “Ody”, “Tacey”, and “Irsten” we had chocolate chip meringues, eggplant salad toasts, succotash, white bean roasted red pepper dip, sun-dried stuffed mushrooms, and blackbottom cupcakes.  I even provided party favors in form of cute jars of tomato sauce & bags of pasta <click here for description of that debacle>.  It was so full of fun and food that i ithink i need to buy some “turkey eatin’ pants” (10 points if you can name the show reference)for the next gathering.

mmmmm, meringues


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