“Jarhead” or “Yes I Can-Can”

Somewhere deep down inside of me, if you look past the handbags, Apple obsession, and inability to produce a single surviving tomato from my Topsy Turvey, I am somewhat domestic.  I like to engage in the fine arts of home making.  I have made quilts, more scrapbook pages than people want to see, and home made confectionary treats that would’ve been much more easy to buy.


I love to go to the farmers market.  At the farmers market there are some wonderful ladies who sell pies – they are appropriately called the Pie Ladies.  I spied with my little eye a fantabulous looking strawberry rhubarb pie and I wanted it immediately.  After finding out the pie cost $17.50 I quickly huffed away thinking that surely IIIII could make such a pie myself and it would be wonderful!  In turn, $16.50 and 3 hours of my time later, I had a very humble strawberry rhubarb pie.

Ok, back on track … Canning Take 1!

I decided to expand my mad home-making skills and begin canning.   I enjoy doing things that apparently were prevelant during the days of the Oregon Trail (the real trail, not the computer game.  Although the computer game was pretty awesome, awesome that is until someone died from dyssentary).  The first thing about canning that I would like to point out is that you don’t put anything in a can – you put it in a jar.  So from here on out it has been renamed to jarring.I made a first attempt at jarring by making spaghetti sauce for friends – as a party favor for a blog-stalking party which I shall write about in prose at a later date.  I looked up a few things online, realized I had none of the materials to jar, but found a way to make it happen.  I made the yummy sauce (here’s the link if you’re curious ) and proceded to jar with a mixture of online direction and my gumption.  The goals of this was for the sauce to:

  1. look pretty
  2. taste good
  3. get somewhat close to fda approval

I proudly gave the gifts of pasta sauce with the disclaimer of: “umm, so i’m not sure that i jarred it right, so i recommend putting it in your fridge and eating it this week … ”

Canning Jarring Take 2!

As I went to hOmaha for labor day weekend I was quite excited to share with my mom my new love (of jarring). She kindly held back her grimmace as I explained to her my technique.  She indicated that it was a good idea that the sauce was gifted with the disclaimer.  I felt slightly disappointed until I realized my mother had all the real tools to jar!  We promplty decided on making a batch (or 7) or jalapeno jelly based on the bumper crop that was in my parents garden.

sidebar: i’m sure you’ve noticed by now that yes, i was very unsuccessful at growing tomatoes and canning jarring sauce – and my mother’s garden yielded a very large amount of jalapenos and is a master at jarring.  no, i am not adopted.

With the aid of my mother I was able to make eleventy billion jars of jelly which shall be gifted at Christmas – if i don’t eat all of it.  Or i can use the newly preserved presrves to barter with as i catch the trail out west.

i am ready to be sealed

aren't i cute and yummy if eaten within a few days


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