Crazy 8s, Stupid 30s ~ OR ~ Sk8ting Goodbye to 29



backdrop for a perfect birthday

I have the best birthday in the world – 8-8-80.  It’s so awesome in fact that I turned 8 on 8-8-88 and when I turned 28 China had a HUGE party for me that happened to also coincide with the Olympics opening ceremony … it was awesome until 8-8-10 …     

Now that I’ve had time to digest the fact that I’m no longer *gulp* in my 20s I thought I’d give it a go and write about my totally rad birthday party.  As 30 is seen as a  pivotal stupid year I did a little reflecting on happy times in my life.  The problem is that I have had so many times of ridiculous happiness that I had to narrow it down to the times in which I was even more happy than all of the others.  After reviewing a few photo albums, reconstructing my memories, and watching VH-1’s “I love the  <insert one of the critically acclaimed yearly episodes>” I decided that the 80’s were definitely, definitely the bestest time ever.  I mean, it’s an entire decade that I was walking like an egyption, saving Princess Peach with a duo of Italian brothers, and collecting not only George Brett but also Garbage Pail Kids cards.  Most importantly, the highlight of my elementary years was the Skating Party.  Once a quarter, on a Thursday night, the Grace Abbott Alligators had our school skating party.  They were pretty epic –  couple skate, Hokey Pokey, and the Ghostbuster theme filled the nights and left stories for day(s) to come.  

What this means.  If there was a way I was going to be even remotely happy with turning a year past 29, it was through the backdrop of a skating birthday party – 80’s themed of course.          

Here’s how it went down –  I was going to use bullet points as I think they’re a fantastically efficient way of communicating, however since this is supposed to be super awesome birthday fun, I decided against it – so instead, I will use numbers … 10 of them, since I’m now 10 times 3 years old …         

  1. My friends came up with like, totally awesome outfits (possibly obliging only out of fear of me crying about my 30s and possible failure of said theme party).  In attendance were Punky Brewster, Madonna, and Bo Jackson to name a few. 
  2. Much to the chagrin of recreational skaters the rink DJ was very accommodating in 80’s songs requests 
  3. There were slap bracelets 
  4. I know what you’re about to ask – and YES there was a creepy guy complete in silk shirt and well-manicured rat tail hittin’ on the ladies
  5. Shockingly a great number of my friends are super good skaters – way to go “OLee” and “Ate”
  6. I was gifted Mall Madness, Reese’s Pieces, and framed artwork that included (yes you’re about to read this correctly) my toenail from two years ago
  7. “Egan” had the most tubular 80’s themed birthday carrot cake made ever
  8.   I realized how high maintenance this time period was as it took almost an hour to do make-up (thanks “rittany” – and I said you’d make it in my blog again!) and to crimp and white rain my hair
  9. I didn’t fall one single time! (nor multiple times!)
  10. I’d be remiss if I didn’t also give mucho credit to “ate oley” for planning said party and then having to leave town because she broke her AC and got in a fight with AB May during the hottest week of the year

And yes, I may already be planning my 40th/ 90’s birthday party at the Peach Pit …        

can we say awesome



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