Measuring Up

I really enjoy my job.  I don’t say this for the courtesy of my place of employment, it’s true, I like it.   It’s just that sometimes I tend to get easily distra …

… anyways … At times these sidetrackedness turn into fact finding missions.  Like the hunt to find the longest running TV show – which turned out to be a disappointing Meet the Press.  Or researching famous vegetarians during my six month very successful attempt of being one (by “one” i mean vegetarian, not famous vegetarian).    Here is where my little tale is going … “Ave” and I were walking down the hallway.  It is pretty standard for me to wear 3″ heels, making me 5’9″.  As we’re walking down the hallway I notice that I seem taller than “Ave”.

me: whoa ‘Ave’, i’m taller than you

Ave: no you’re not

me: um, yes i am. how tall are you?

Ave: i’m 5’10”

I go back to my basic math of realizing I’m 5’9″ in my heels and it dawns on me – he’s lying! (why do guys lie about their height, it is clearly visible how tall one is).  We proceed to argue his height.

Ave: take off your shoes

me: this is stupid *taking of shoes*

Ave: you’re not 5’6″ or your heels are not 3″.  Get a measuring tape.

me: “Ave” that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard, why the heck would I have a stupid measuring tape at work?

Ave: then what’s that, over there, by your mug???

me: duh, those are slap bracelets

Clearly these are not measuring tapes


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