#If a picture paints a thousand words … #

If a picture paints a thousand words than this story is worth at least 6,000 – your welcome that you won’t have to be reading an actual 6,000 words of my drivel.

the "Ontreras Amily" in Marco Island

I kiddo-sat this past weekend.  I’m as shocked as everyone that someone would entrust their most precious beings in the world wth their most precious friend in the world – that’s a lot of precious to  be in one place.  I think “Rina” just wanted some of my awesomeness to rub off on their household … which happened.

My awesomeness entered their presence on Saturday morning while the boys were playing the Wii.  I promptly asked them what they wanted to do that day.  The response was an overwhelming “Wii, Pool, Pool, Pool”.  Well as the babysitter and given that it was the last weekend of the summer they got exactly Wii, Pool, Pool, Wii, Cartoon Network, Walmart, Pizza”.  I did give them a treat for having to endure Walmart but since we were going to have a bbq the next day we needed food.  The weekend consisted of:

  • um, babysitter what’s your name?
  • throw me! throw me again! throw me again! (this was all in the pool)
  • do we get a treat?
  • stop hitting me! (this was not directed towards me but to a brother)
  • i don’t have to stop hitting you. the babysitter’s asleep and can’t see! (once again kind of not directed towards me)
  • whoa, how do you know all the super mario secrets!?!? (to which i responded, “yes, i would like to call that ‘the 80s’ “)

I could tell I was making such an impact on these young boys lives that I felt I should leave tokens of me. The plan was hatched.  With the assistance of “Arolyn” and “Cott” we managed to swap out 6 of the framed family photos to be images of yours truly.  The masterpiece is the 8 x 10 family portrait from Marco Island that I am now included in.  I have yet to hear if they have found these pictures.  I’m not sure when they will, but I can only imagine the joy in their hearts when they do.

#If a face could launch a thousand ships, then where am I to go#


3 thoughts on “#If a picture paints a thousand words … #

  1. Hilarious! Oh how I miss the Becca-antics. I wish you had been my babysitter so I would have some Becca-antics of my own. 🙂

  2. I would like to follow up on this blog post to say that I really only posted 5 pictures, so It was even better when “Rina” was looking for the 6th pictures after reading this … hehehehe

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