fighting the war in uraq

don't worry, i shut my car door before heading to the race

"arolyn" and i before the race

alternatively titled “Upward Journey to the Sun”

i finally decided to participate in a running event that was giving back to something.  this is out of the norm for me as i am somewhat of a self-centric person – don’t judge, i just think of it as having a strong sense of self worth.  i decided to join the great cause of racing for the cure to support breast cancer – well, the finding of a cure.  i don’t support cancer in any way, shape, or form for the record – i pretty much think it’s crap.

the race was 8/08/10 (yup, that’s also my birthday) and started at 7:30 AM.  Since there were upwards of around eleventy billion people registered this year we decided to leave at 6:00 AM to acquire reasonable parking.  it was really hot at 6:00 AM – my gut as telling me it was going to get hotter.  When we got to the race we warmed up by watching people warm up with the jazzercise ladies – it didn’t look so much like warming up as much as women who used to be on the dance team in high school trying to remember their old dance moves … ok, i won’t completely knock jazzercise because i did used to be a paying member.  in fact, i did jazzercise as the half time “entertainment” at a Chiefs/ 49ers game once.  i mainly did that because i knew it’d be a funny story someday – like today.

the four of us – me, “arolyn”, “dam”, and “immy” – went to line up with the runners for the 5k.  the starting line was in the shade so it was a bit deceptious (i’m not so sure that’s a word).  the race started and the first 200 meter was a nice pleasant downhill jaunt.  then we emerged from out of the shade of the buildings to the hot and blistering sun – and we began to run uphill.  the funny thing is the uphill never stopped – every time we turned a corner or it appeared that maybe there was a downhill section it actually turned into more uphill.  it is then that i realized that the route was going to literally take us to the sun.  approximately 27 pathetic minutes later i found out that was most likely a sleep-deprived-dehydrated conclusion as i crossed the finished line and tried to remove the sweat from my eyeballs.  my sweat, pain, and discomfort quickly subsided once i realized there were tons of  free stuff being given away.  so i loaded up my pink mini-tote with freebies in further support for the cause and went on my way.


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