Sometimes my brilliance surprises even me

My dear friends, this shall be quick … and painless.  I’ve noticed quite often on Facebook – well, when i’m actually on Facebook – that there are many spelling errors, fat fingering episodes and/ or shall we call them pocket updates.  I don’t think much about them until the errors end up to be somewhat embarrassing.  The other day a friend updated her status regarding the long day she had and she was “in need for a long rung”.  Well, she really meant run but people sure did appreciate the Freudian slip.  It made me think if I’ve ever had embarrassing typos and I remembered this fateful day …

*enter flashback*

scene: at work, using computer.

i received a meeting maker for a team lunch.  that particular time and day conflicted with a workout i had planned at the gym.  being courteous i declined the meeting maker – to my entire team mind you – and meant to put that i would be busy at the gym but accidently wrote the gyn … yeah, those are not so much the same place … oy


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