Happy Trails

I'm in there, just a little further back ... yup, right there

To those of you who read my blog and don’t know me (well, you are probably here by mistake and I’m sorry we are meeting under these circumstances) I run, a lot, sometimes.   A few weekends ago was my favorite race of the year, appropriately titled “Pyscho Psummer” 15+ mile trail race.  Actually it was renamed “Run, Toto, Run” as to not offend the pyschos who run it.  The glory with this run is that it is in Kansas in July – which is code for hot and humid.  (This is where I proudly boast that last year I beat both people who got taken away in ambulances).  Also, contrary to popular belief, Kansas is not flat, in fact it’s quite hilly.Highlights of the Pyscho Psummer Run, Toto, Run Trail Race:

  • hills
  • rope to pull self up hill that is so steep you cannot simply climb
  • mud
  • mud that doesn’t smell like mud (did I mention these trails are also horse trails?)
  • Large jars of Nutella at every aid station

I’d be remiss if I didn’t take the time  to thank the guy in front of me for finding the large sturdy broken tree branch …Scene: Mile 12 of raceMy internal dialogue: “geez, this guys is kind of slow … maybe I should pass him … man, how old is his camelback? it looks really old … that Nutella was really good … is that a broken tree branch? …””FRICK!” yup, the man in front of me found the branch, with his forehead.”um, do you need help and stuff” (I reek of heroism) … secretly hoping he says no so I can keep on running.  I looked down at the wound and quickly realize that the femoral artery must be in this mans forehead based on the amount of blood.  Before he could say yes I began my run back the way in which we came to the aid station so the pros could take on the job.  I’m happy to report that the man lived, and I’d like to think that I played a large small role in that.  At the end of the  race you get wash all the mud off you from a spigot – but like every race, you get a medal (which I recommend wearing to work) so it’s totally worth it.

We aren't so good at posing for pictures per se


One thought on “Happy Trails

  1. I would like to thank google for advertising on your blog “Wait, don’t run barefoot!” I was THIS close.

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