Precious Moments

First of all (yes there is a first of all, just bear with me, it’s been a while) I do a horrible job of updating this here bloggy blog.  I now vow to do a “better” job of updating.  Now with that out of the way …

It is more often than not that people say they enjoy living vicariously through me.  I’m not quite sure as I find most of my life quite mundane but I think it’s because of the allure of my dating/ single life after they’ve had one too many Leggo impale the arch of their foot.

DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT A DATING BLOG. I have no intentions of turning this blog into the horrid comic strip “Cathy” by chronicling the ups and downs of being single (or trying on swimsuits) it just happens that this week’s entry is slightly within that category

Ok, back to entry …

Scene: church singles dance

Enter gym doors – a slightly confused woman, we’ll call her “Ecca” as the song “Cotton Eye’d Joe” begins to play …

“Ecca! Watch out” yells my friend Rittany who ushers me into the center of the gym, we narrowly escape being the victims of a circle dance trampling.  It took me a minute to catch my breath.  I didn’t quite know what to do, I’m as good at dancing as I am at math.  I thought I was safe for just a second until I realized that the center of the circle of stampeding death was becoming another line dance that was a faster more bouncy country version of the electric slide.  Luck would have it that they were sliding towards us.  In theory I should have been able to out-run them however I was in high heels and had run a 4 hour trail race that morning (something I should’ve taken into consideration before a) selecting an outfit for the rest of the day b) gone to a dance).  At this point I needed to minimize the appearance of looking stupid and go with the flow.  For the remaining 2 ½ minutes I managed to hop around enough in the general directions the county bouncy slide was moving and flail my arms every once in a while – I think I managed to “fit in”.  I thought I was safe until the Macarena came one.  Somehow I ended up on the dance floor once again and more shockingly remembered the moves.  It was similar to the dinner scene in Beetlejuice where the dance was just happening and was at an utter loss of control of the movements of my body.  It was then that I knew I had to leave.

As I was driving home, I thought of every time a friend has said they like to live vicariously through me – if they really mean that I will GLADLY invite them to the next dance so they can experience the wonder of what is singledom.

I don’t mind being single, I actually quite like it.  I do need to prepare better though by adopting a few cats, beginning my collection of Precious Moments figurines, and hoarding newspapers so I can be ready for when Nightline comes knocking on my door.


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