No, your other left

I’m left brained, not the math left, your other left.  Don’t get me wrong, I can do math.  I even own an abacus, granted its a decorative abacus, vintage per se; Pottery Barn circa 1999.  This part of my brain leads my creativity.  It is what allows me to pull a page from a Pottery Barn, West Elm, or Z Gallerie catalogue and create an EXACT replication in my own living quarters; it’s uncanny.  

I am also a really good cook.  I really can cook, this isn’t like when I say I can sing, or that I’m a little teapot – it truly is a skill I possess.  I inherited it from my mother who is a proven McGyver (not to be confused with Quantum Leap) in the kitchen.  The other day I decided to use my creative decorating ability to nurture my culinary interests.  I scoured pages and pages of magazines and came up with the idea of adding a wall mounted pot rack.  This pot rack cleverly paired with a cookbook from William Sonoma would prove to be a great way to display that I can use a 3 quart pan for more than making ramen noodles.  I decided that I wanted a unique rack and drove over to Crate & Barrel to find the one I viewed online.  After a quick interaction with the lovely sales lady I was on my way home, however I felt the box seemed a bit light.  Standing in my kitchen I opened the box, excited to begin assembly.  As I started taking a hold of the pieces I noticed something odd – they weren’t stainless or iron or anything that resembled metal.  This pot rack was actually made of wood and WAS PAINTED SILVER AND GREY!!!  I was appalled at my finding, if I had wanted a kitchen creation made of wood and sprayed with metallic paint I would’ve signed up for Trading Spaces – even with the risk that Frank might put a rooster in my abode.  Needless to say I’ll be returning this purchase.  I guess the search is still on …


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