Too Hot for Teacher

I’ve worn glasses since the fourth grade.  The first version was beautiful; they were a rose colored thick plastic frames with hockey puck lenses, basically summoning Sally Jesse Raphael.  After elementary school I graduated into wire frames – which is a stupid idea for any 12 year old as they prove to bend out of any shape that resembles glasses.  In 8th (yes, I know that although the number is below 10 that I used the numerical symbol instead of writing it out, however I’m quite sure on how to spell 8th) grade I switched to contacts.  Although I still did have a short period of time in which I had the whole glasses/braces/bad haircut trifecta. 

What I am getting at with this diatribe is that I have had contacts for the last 16 years, only wearing glasses for short bits of eye infection or at night before going to bed – no one is used to seeing me in them.  I recently scratched my eye so I must wear my glasses to work.  This is a more difficult process than it sounds and requires ward robing specific to my black framed glasses.  So far this has included pencil skirts and blouses.  The first part of the morning people seemed quite confused, they were wondering if I typically wear glasses.  Once their suspicions were confirmed regarding my optical state they began the comments (did I mention we’re all seven years old?).  I have so far been asked if I’m a secretary (because this 1940), if I know the Dewey decimal system ( do they still use that?) and have been sent links to “Too Hot for Teacher” on youtube … stupid … however I did start carrying around a ruler  …


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