I hope Renda is not reading this.

I received a wonderful potted plant for my birthday.  I have tried to take care of it in my cubicle.  At times I have even put it on Travis’s desk (which he appreciated) for a better line of sunlight as well as keeping my desk light on at night to ensure it’s health and well being.  I have even remembered to water it at times, real water, not left over coffee.  I thought the orange color it was turning was pretty.  Apparently the plant is supposed to be green.  I think I might have killed it.


2 thoughts on “Photosynthesis

  1. I would like to comment on my own blog that I love love love the temporary potted plant replacement – and next time I will blog about a handbag that I might have killed!

  2. I would like to comment that I have three plants in my house. If they survive the winter with me- I’m getting a dog. I’m not sure if it makes sense plant=animal but we all must have criteria.

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