What’s in a Word

I give a look.  I’ve been told this before.  It’s not necessarily a pleasant “come hither” look, but more so a “I am in awe of the ‘interesting’ thing you just said and I really have no clue how to react in an affirmative way to it so instead I’m just pursing my lips and nodding”.  I never realized I made this look, that is until multiple people began pointing it out to me.

 One evening at dinner my friend Angie announced

“oh, oh, I made the ‘becca’ look the other day at work”    

To which I responded:

“hmm, do I make a look”

Another dear friend of mine also chimed in saying:

“yes, you give a very sardonic look”

<insert becca sardonic look here>

Now, I had absolutely no idea what sardonic meant, but I’m sure it in deed was a real word.  Which brings me to the fact that this friend of mine always has a very articulate vocabulary, and mine is, well, a bit, ‘er, um … not so refined and stuff … So I set forth with a plan.  The next Monday at work I scoured the internet for a word of the day e-mail notification.  If anything would make me learn new words it would definitely be having new ones (with definitions AND examples of how to use them) sent to me on a daily basis!  

I waited in anticipation at for my first day’s word, and then I saw it:

PLAINTIVE … oh, maybe it is some foreign version of the plaintive word I know.  Quick, scroll to the definition.  Nope, same thing.  Ok, maybe tomorrow will be better.

Next Day. 

TORRID … hmmm, yup, pretty sure I already know that word.

The Next Day.

Cosmopolite … duh, a person who is cosmopolitan … ummm, are these going to get any better?

The Nextest and the Nextests Days.

Regale; Auspicious … seriously, aren’t I supposed to be learning new words?

I have now quit my subscription to this service and will begin using the Thesaurus tool much more liberally from now on.  I’m sure I will sound adroit …


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