Return of the Mac

I am as attached to the  computer as the next person.  I sit at it all day at work, focusing (solely) on pertinent ( business related tasks; when I get home I use it to e-mail with my friends and family (so I don’t need to return their phone calls) load new photos (of myself), update my facebook, download new music etc …

I have always been a “pc” user.  I didn’t necessarily like it per se but I never had any issues.  I have been thoroughly educated by the media and graphic design friends about the atrocities of the evil empire of Mr. Bill Gates and Microsoft.  But time after time I continued to buy the Windows based units out of ease and familiarity.  I’d march into Best Buy, smile and nod to everything the blue shirt told me I needed (even though I had no clue what they were talking about) and would walk out the door with an overflowing cart and a mile worth of receipts so I could attempt to mail in the eleventy billion rebates. 

This time was different.  My computer has reached the ripe old age of 3 and we all know computer years are even worse than supermodel years; no amount of restlyane could save this one.  I began my search.  Like everyone else I have seen the Mac v. PC commercials for the past few years.  I get a chuckle out of the Daily show correspondent playing the old curmudgeon PC and the young hip boy, who dated Drew Barrymore for like a year, playing the Mac.  Now, I typically try not to be too maintstream and do things because they’re trendy, however in an effort to finally be hip and to feel as though I really am a targeted (possibly unintended) demographic for these ads/products/lifestyle/coolness I got into my mid-sized SUV,swung by the Starbucks drive through, and drove on down to the new shiny Apple store.  I held my head up high and pointed and said “I want that! and that! and that! and that!” and continued on until I thought I had all my bases covered.  I did go a little “pointing/demanding” crazy and had to put a few things back (like some Dora software and someone’s child) but I still came out proud with my new iMac and iTouch.  

The set up process was ridiculously easy as I pulled it out of the box, plugged it in, signed onto my neighbors internet they haven’t figured out how to secure yet and I was up and running.  With this new superior machine, I can now do amazing things such as e-mail with my friends and family, load new photos, update my facebook, download new music etc … just now, I think I’m much cooler while doing it 😀


One thought on “Return of the Mac

  1. Becca…please be careful when purchasing Apple products as the result can be a small form of addiction. Before you know it you secretly buy an iPhone, start hiding in your cube for days just so your Sprint brothren won’t see you with it…you’ll start getting the shakes when you have to use your old Sprint device in meetings….and no one will be able to help you! So please be careful with the Apple!! 😉

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