in the beginning


becca: ‘sup

brenda: nothing, just writing in my blog

becca: cool, you have a blog?

brenda: yes

becca: what’s it about?

brenda: well, i’m training for an Ironman so i’m blah blah blah blah you’re in it blah blah blah blah blah blah …

becca: what? did you say i’m in it?!?!

brenda: yeah, i’ll send you the link

reading carefully, i find my name.  cool, much better than the last time i was on the internet … note to self, i’m only in here once … hmmm …

becca: cool! i want to start a blog (so i can be the focus)

brenda: do it

becca: i will

brenda: ok, then do it

becca: rats, I heart Me is all ready taken as a site

brenda: try I hearty heart me

becca: oh, good one

brenda: or who hearted?

becca: hmmm, kind of good one.  i know, i’ll make an intelligent dry joke about grammar.  it’s called who’d a thunk

brenda: that works too

becca: so what do i do now?

brenda: you write in it

becca: sweet … i wonder if anyone will read it …


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